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Special Projects

Growth Hormones


Many children that come to CSC have delayed physical growth due to lack of proper nutrition. Occasionally, we have a child who is so delayed in growth (and often had multiple other medical conditions) that they need growth hormones. This is rare and only done after medical advice and evaluation. 

Danilo is the only child at CSC right now who needs these. Danilo is 13 years old and has been with us since 2012. He is a spunky and active boy. Danilo was born with a cleft palate, for which he has undergone two surgeries to correct. He is on growth hormone treatments to help eliminate some of his growth deficiencies. These cost $668/month and we expect he will need these for a few years, although it is evaluated every six months to determine if it should continue. 

You can help provide Danilo with a brighter future. 

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