Building Their Future

In our 45-year history, our shelter faces an unprecedented challenge: a record number of older residents. To address this, we're expanding our programs and facilities, placing a strong emphasis on meeting the unique needs of these older teens and young adults.


Our leadership team and board of directors have made these older residents the centerpiece of our strategic initiative. Our dedicated social work team, counselors, our school, child care staff, and house parents are working tirelessly to equip these residents with essential life skills on-site. Simultaneously, we're embarking on a groundbreaking project: the construction of a new facility designed to cater to their housing needs and foster their independence. These endeavors reflect our commitment to ensuring the best possible future for these young individuals, preparing them to navigate the challenges of adulthood confidently.

Throughout our history, we've primarily focused on preparing children for adoption. However, as the number of older kids who can't be adopted has grown, our programming has evolved. We're now concentrating on providing residents with practical life skills, including vocational training, household tasks, financial management, and social skills. These skills are crucial for their transition into independent adult lives.


The increased number of older residents at our shelter is due to several factors. Adoption dynamics have shifted, with fewer international adoptions of older children. The pandemic caused adoption delays, and some children aged out of adoption eligibility. Meanwhile, fewer shelters in the Philippines accommodate older kids. CSC's mission and the support of our community have enabled us to offer these children a safe haven.

Our expanded program, under the guidance of Eunice Guinanoy, Program Director, is tailored to enhance independence, self-worth, and a sustainable future for these residents. This program simulates independent living, encompassing education, medical care, mentoring, and more. It's designed to empower them to make informed decisions and handle the challenges that come with adulthood.

However, we recognize that housing plays a critical role in fostering independence. Hence, we're proud to announce our ambitious new residence project. This facility, situated on a prime property, will feature a blend of dorm-style and apartment-style living arrangements. With a focus on academic success, we're ensuring access to strong internet connectivity, adequate study spaces, and opportunities for educational advancement.


This innovative building will not only provide housing but also spaces for group interactions, on-site medical care, therapy services, and more. Roberto Atienza, Field Director, highlights our commitment to nurturing potential and instilling hope in these young adults, preparing them for a promising future.

None of this can become reality without your support. To make our new residence a success, we need to raise approximately $600,000. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these residents, enabling them to thrive beyond the confines of our shelter.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Through prayer and financial assistance, you can help us shape a brighter future for these children and young adults. We're immensely grateful for your unwavering support as we work towards this vital endeavor. Together, let's make a lasting impact on their lives and empower them to build meaningful, independent futures.

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