Board of Directors

CSC has been blessed with many years of consistent leadership. Knowing that no one can serve forever, our founders began handing off authority, while still being engaged in the ministry. This forward looking behavior overlaps experience with new expertise creating a climate of smooth transitions and maximizing our ability to serve.

Member Name Position Occupation Term
Carolyn AndersonChairAttorney2
Bjork OstromVice ChairSBO- Web 1
Kirby StollTreasurerVP, Foundation1
Becky HallstromSecretaryTeacher2
Matt BuleyPresident, CSCn/a
Paul HealyField Director, CSCn/a
Heather StaykoHomemaker, Licensed Social Worker3
Gordie DeanRetired Social Worker3
Rev. Roberto AtienzaPastor1
Ruth LundeProject Director1