Rexford Trudell's 2019 Marine Corps Marathon Team


Hi! This is Rexford Trudell and I am running for the Children's Shelter of Cebu at the 2019 MARINE CORPS MARATHON.

CSC is a shelter in Cebu, Philippines that provides food, shelter, medical care, education and counseling to abandoned, neglected and orphaned children. A donation here will make a difference in the lives of children in need.

My goal is to raise $5,000 for my run this fall - with your help, I hope to far exceed that total. CSC is very near and dear to me due to my family connections to Cebu and my hope that these children, with your help, charity and God's love, can go forward in the world to achieve great things for the Philippines and the world. If you are willing to help me reach my goal, donate here and your amount will be added to my tally. You will receive a receipt for your donation and can be assured that all of your donation will be used to impact lives of these children.

Thank you!