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Life Event Giving

Birthday Parties

Through the years many of CSC's friends have chosen to benefit us through their birthday! Instead of bringing presents, guests are asked to bring cash gifts supporting a specific CSC project in your honor! These specific projects could be listed on our Special Projects page or even include an entire day of school.

If you are interested in this idea and would like to talk about how we can support your birthday donation with brochures, project ideas, or anything else, please let us know!

You can set up your own fundraising page too. Here is a link to get started! 


Donating through your wedding is a fantastic idea! This could be as simple as inviting cash gifts to be designated to CSC or even foregoing the customary gift registration and adding a special CSC page to your wedding website! Either way, it is a great opportunity to share your passion for the work CSC does and introduce new people to our ministry.

If you are interested in this idea and would like to talk about how we can support your special day donation efforts with brochures, website assistance, or anything else, please let us know!

Planned Giving

Of the many ways of giving to the Children's Shelter of Cebu, a planned gift may offer special advantages such as tax benefits or a current income stream. At the same time, your philanthropy is helping to create better futures for homeless children in the Philippines.

A variety of gift-planning options are available:

  • Cash and securities donations
  • Gifts that provide a life-time income for you or a beneficiary
  • Gifts of real estate, tangible personal property, or other assets
  • Bequests in a will or trust
  • Gifts of retirement plan assets and life insurance

A planned gift to CSC can:

  • Give you a tax advantage (Often the tax benefits are quite substantial)
  • Fit appropriately with your estate plans and concerns for heirs
  • Complement your lifestyle goals
  • Match your wish to leave a legacy to the cause you care about

If you would like more information about making a planned gift to CSC, please contact Jill Grasley at (651) 493-1551 or


Do you have another event in your life where you'd like to include CSC in the celebration? Please let us know if there's a way we can support your donation and thanks for thinking of us!